Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Little Closet Makeover

Since being pregnant I have been so tired, but all of a sudden the nesting has hit me. I took some pics to showcase my finished project. Sorry the pics are from my iPhone.

First up is my very favorite I call it my wall o'shoes. I was lucky enough to already have these amazing cubbies built into my closet so I immediately thought it was the perfect place to display my obsession of heels.
{You can build your own cubbies with the closet kits at Home Depot or Lowes}

Next I wanted to get me necklaces untangled and hung up so I could see what I had. I bought some clear sticky hooks and lined them up on the side of my cubbies for the longer pieces. Which made for a beautiful display and made it easy for me to pick what I would wear each day.
{The hooks are Command Brand and be purchased at Target}

I left one cubby free to display my perfumes, nail polishes and other necessities.

I also left a cubby for all my amazing hats, so they would be easy to see and get to.

In my front and center cubby I have again hung shorter necklaces from clear hooks. Bracelets, rings, earrings and headwraps all are nesting in clear trays for easy access and visibility. Also left a spot for my sunnies and a few more polishes.
{I purchased the clear trays at Target}

On the other side of the jewelry I organized my smaller handbags, pocketbooks and clutches.

Yes I know I am in desperate need of new matching hangers. Other than that I did color coordinate my tops which is so nice to keep getting dressed easy.

Lastly, I needed a bit more space. I added a temporary bar that hangs from the top one. This space way perfect for my skirts, shorts and jackets.
I did have to move all my dresses to my daughters room ;) still not enough room. What does your closet look like?


Audrey said...

Love your shoe cubbies! Looks like we share a lot of the same organization ideas! I highly recommend the slim hangers because they will triple your closet space and they don't get tangled!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

very inspiring! love an organized closet!

Sarah Stright said...

SUPER jealous of your closet. Mine is in desperate need of organization but definitely need more space first.

Michelle said...

thanks for sharing,im having a hnm versace skirt giveaway come join

Kultur und Stil said...

wow, your closet looks great! well, mine is quite unspectecular, I have all my things in a hemmnes dresser, and a closet and on a hanger, but nothing to walk in... perhaps in my next flat ;-)
xxx Anita

Arden said...

Your closet is looking incredible! xx

mike i make said...

look amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

Georgi said...

Lovely pics! Love the hats! I too need to organise my wardrobe!

Could you check out my blog? I am new to blogging teehee

Meekay said...

Looks good!

Kristin said...

Can you please come do my closet now? WOW!

alyson said...

Looks nice and organized! Today's goal of mine is to organize my necklaces. We just moved two weeks ago so they've been all over the place.

Fashion Infatuation said...

Thanks for the Twitter follow :)
God, I wish I had a closet like this! Especially those shelves for the shoes! I'm not at all jealous... hehe :P
Maria said...

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