Friday, August 12, 2011

As Of Lately

I recently got a few items that I am literally obsessed with. I have been really into bright colors and trying to squeeze every last bit out of what little summer we have left I picked up a bottle of  Face nail polish from J.Crew in a super bright orange. I literally died when I put it on this stuff is so think and I only had to do ONE coat. Can you believe it? I would definitely pick up a bottle the next time you are in there.


While I was in J.Crew I scored this perfect little necklace.

Super fun right? What is better thank clear crystal strung on bright orange and white bakers twine? PS did I mention I got it in the kids section?

Next up is this luxurious pair of Alice + Olivia shorts which I got from Shop Bop. I might just have a closet half full of stripes, but I still just had to have these shorts. I am planning on rockin' them with a bright red blousy top and some black Loubi's.

***  Also we are running our end of summer advertising deals for the next two weeks and it's a steal! email me for deets at


Caroline said...

LOVE all of your finds!! The nail polish is simply PERFECT!!

SomeKindOfStyle said...

hello, lovely! thanks for following on twitter...hope to chat up a fashion storm! ;)

hope you had a chance to enter my current jewelry Giveaway! xoxo

beingdena said...

what great buys. I love Face. I always stock up on their products when i go home to Stockholm.

Hope you're having a great weekend.


Ann said...

Love those items too...

cool finds, from the nailpolish to the striped shorts...

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